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Navigate to an URL by clicking an Image in Salesforce Screen Flows. In this post we will see how to add and Display Image on a Salesforce Flow Screen. Also, we will make the Image in Screen Flow Clickable to navigate to a web page or a URL link. We will be first adding Image on a Salesforce Flow Screen and then embed a Link url to it. This will make the Flow Image Clickable to navigate to any URL. We will achieve this clickable image on the Flow Screen without writing any code or adding any Lightning Component.

Display Clickable Images on Flow Screen

Show clickable Images on Salesforce Flow Screens

To display or show an Image on the Flow Screen which can be clicked to allow users to Navigate to any URL, we will just use display text screen component on a Screen Flow. Display Image option is already available on Display Text Component on Screen Flow and we also have a Link option. We will just combine these two (Image + Link) options to achieve this functionality.

Use Case : A Simple Screen with Images which can be Clicked and take user to an URL. I will use two links one to the home page of this blog https://www.accidentalCoderSf.com and another to the trailhead home page. I will put this on home screen.

Note: I will not show Screen header, Footer and Screen Navigation buttons on this Screen. Only Images on the Screen will be shown.

Navigate to a URL Link from Images in Salesforce Flow Screen

Let's Jump Right into the Action and see the steps. Do Checkout the Video at the End for Steps and Demo. 

1. New Screen Flow 

Create a New Flow and Select Screen Flow.

2. Add a Screen Element

Drag a Screen Element on the Flow.

3. Remove Header and Footer from the Screen

Under Screen Properties, there is Configure Frame Setting. 
We will Uncheck the Show Header and Show Footer options.

Display Clickable Images in Salesforce Flow
4. Add Display Text Component on the Screen

Display Images in Salesforce Flows

5. Add Image using the Display Text's Editor Canvas

Using the Image option at the below of the Display Text Edit Options, select an Image from your system to add on the Screen. I am choosing the Trailhead Image in my use case. 

This is how the Image Button Looks like in Display Text Format Options.
Images in a Salesforce Flow
Add Image Button

Images in a Salesforce Flow
Add Image to Display Text Screen

Check the Video at the end for more clarity.

6. Add/Embed  Link on the Image Added

First, Select the added Image from the Display Text Screen 

Two ways to select the Image 
1. Use Mouse/Keypad and select the Image as you would select any normal Text. (By dragging the move from left to right)
2. Using Shift Key  - Just like you select any text using keyboard. 

Check video for more Clarity.

Display Images in a Salesforce Flow
Select the Added Image from Display Text Editor

7. Add Link to the Image
Click on the Link Button from Format Option after Selecting the Image.

Once the Image was selected, just click on the Link Button and add your desired Internal or External Link. The Link URL window will pop up after you click on the Link Button.

Images in a Salesforce Flow
Link Button

Show Images in a Salesforce Flow
Select the Added Image

Show Images in a Salesforce Flow
Add Link URL

And That's it. Pretty Simple. Isn't It?

I will just now repeat the Steps(4-7) and add one more Image and Link URL to that image in my Screen.

Repeating Steps 4 - Steps 7

Show Images in a Salesforce Flow
Adding Second Image with Link

This is how the Final Screen will look like after this.

Show Images in a Salesforce Flow
Final Flow Screen with two Images

This is a very simple way to beautify your Flow Screens and also have a Navigation option when users Click on the Images. This ability can be used in many Creative and Practical ways to achieve many Screen Flow Use Cases.

Now you can Add this Screen Flow anywhere like on Home Pages, Record Pages or Communities and make use of this awesome feature.

Checkout the Video for all Steps and Demo.

And we are Done!

Hope this Helps! Reach out to me here or on LinkedIn for any questions, issues or suggestions. Happy to Help!

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  3. I get these images as broken images when I deploy the flow to another org. Do let me know if you have a solution for that.

  4. Images are shown for company users, but for community plus users, the images are broken. I'm not able to find a workaround. Anybody knows how to solve this?

    1. I am in the same situation. And if I use the Image flow component, I can display the images for the community users but there is no link option.


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