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Salesforce Flows | Consider Implementing a Kill Switch Design for Flow (On/Off Switch)

In this post we will see why we should consider to create a Kill Switch or an On/Off Switch for Salesforce Flows. Also, we will see one of the potential (many) ways to create this Kill Switch or On/Off Switch for Flows .This can be useful specially for Record Triggered Flows(After Save, Before Save and Before Delete Flows ). 

Flows | Use Flows to Bulk Update Records from List View in Salesforce

How to use Screen Flow as a List View Button to Edit Multiple Records at once in Salesforce? In this post we will see how to use a Screen Flow in a List view in Salesforce. There are many use cases where you need to perform some custom action on multiple records in a List View in Salesforce. We will see how to create a custom List View Button using a Screen Flow in Salesforce to perform actions on multiple selected records at once. We will see how to Pass Selected Records from a List View to a Flow . Based on these passed records from List View to a Screen Flow, we will just use the Flow to do perform desired business logic.


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