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LWC | HTTP Callouts from Apex Controller

Lightning web components Apex Callouts. In this post, I am going to show how to make callouts (REST API or HTTP) from LWC (Lightning Web Components) from Server-Side controller (Apex Controller) in Salesforce. 

Screen Flows | Clone Records using Flows

In this blog I am going to demonstrate how to Clone Records with all the field values using Screen Flows and Auto-Launched Flows in Salesforce. By the end you will get good idea  about some of the features of Screen flows, Auto-launched flows and how to join flows.

Assign Tasks to Queue in Salesforce

After Spring'20, we are now able to Assign Tasks to Queues and Public Groups in Salesforce. Cool! Isn't it? A simple and efficient way to boost productivity. Gone are the days when we had to create duplicate tasks for different users. Simply create a Group or Queue and assign Tasks to a group of Users! Checkout other useful blogs here:

LWC | HTTP Callouts from Client-Side Controller

In this post I am going to demonstrate how to make HTTP callouts from LWC (Lightning Web Components) from Client-Side controller (Javascript).

Flows | Do Validations Using Before Save Update Flow in Salesforce

In this article I am talking about Before Save Flow in Salesforce.We will see how can we use Before Save Update Flows to fire Validation Rules and perform complex data validations without custom code.

Callouts from LWC | Movie Database App

In this blog I am trying to show how to make HTTP callouts from LWC (Lightning Web Component) from Client Side Controller (Javascript).  Callouts from Javascript in LWC Bored of Lockdown? Can't decide what movie/series to Watch? Too many Options? Let's make that decision a bit easier. Search for any Movie or Series and find out all the details including Ratings from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Try this App created using LWC(and HTTP callouts from LWC).   Checkout the full code here:  CODE AND STEPS TRY THE APP BELOW 

Flows | Upload File using Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce Flow File Upload In this blog I am going to show how to Upload Files using Flow Builder in Salesforce. We will also see how to use Screen Flows to create Record Create Forms.

Salesforce LWC : Create a Star Rating Component using LWC

LWC SALESFORCE: CREATE A STAR RATING COMPONENT USING LWC Star Rating using LWC This blog is to demonstrate how to create a basic Star Rating Component with LWC. Use Case/ Problem Statement: A Rating Component is required for a Food Delivery business so that users/customers can provide rating on different parameters and we can get and store user's rating input values in Salesforce. This component must be usable on Salesforce Community pages (login based or public). Solution: We will create the Star Rating component using Lightning Web Components which can be easily hosted on community pages. Since we will use LWC this will be fast and highly customisable.  There are many ways to achieve this using HTML,Javascript and CSS and there is lot of material and sample code online in various developer forums. But for someone like me who isn't from a web designing or Javascript background it was a bit difficult to find a simpler and easy to use version of html an

Salesforce Flows: Mini App developed using Salesforce Lightning Flows

Salesforce Lightning Flows: Easy and Powerful Where will you love to Fly Post Lockdown? Checkout a simple Travel Survey App created using Screen Flows and nothing else. This is to showcase how simple and powerful flows can be. I will be posting about how I created this in my next blog!Till then checkout the power and simplicity of Lightning Flows! Click here to Checkout Survey App & Demo! Please Subscribe or Follow for future updates as I am planning to share more stuff around Flows,LWC and Salesforce in future. A bit of motivation and encouragement goes a long way. Subscribe using your email at the top of the page.  

Salesforce Flows | After Save Update Flow

In this blog I am going to talk about the After Save Flow in Salesforce. These are the latest addition in Flow Trigger capability of Salesforce. Salesforce Flow Triggers : Create Record Triggered Flow that Run After Save Salesforce Summer'20 release is here with many exciting features and enhancements and as always we have all the reasons to be excited. Continuing on my Flow Series, in this blog I am going to showcase one of the most exciting enhancement to the flow capability in this release- Automated Flow Triggers - To perform automatic actions after a record is saved.  Gone are the days when we had to write triggers or multiple process builders or a combination of flows and process builders for every small automation. Most of the not so complex use cases can be easily achieved now by creating flow triggers. In the previous release, Salesforce introduced  Before Save Trigger option for Flows which is great for validations and updates before saving the record. B

Schedule Flows | Send Emails using Flow in Salesforce

In this blog I am trying to showcase one powerful and useful feature of the flows i.e. Scheduling Flows.We will see how to Schedule Flow in Salesforce Though this blog is mainly about Scheduling Flows, but we can get an idea about three important things here:        1. How to Schedule Flow in Salesforce?        2. How to Send Emails from Flows? Some Background:  Scheduled Flows were released in Winter ‘20. They give you the ability to run an auto-launched flow (one that doesn’t have a user interface screen) on a daily or weekly schedule. Sample Use Case: As a Customer service manager/supervisor who is not using Salesforce actively, I want to receive an email daily with information like total open cases(if there are any), closed cases etc. in the Salesforce org. For the scope of this blog, I am only considering the count of open cases scenario but same can be customised and enhanced to include any other details as well. Overview of the Solution:


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