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Salesforce Winter '22 Release will be here soon. Let's see some of the New Flow Features and Enhancements which will be coming in Winter 22 Salesforce Release. This post is to give you an idea about the New Flow Features in Salesforce Winter 22 Release.

Salesforce Flows - Use Not Contains, Not Starts With and Not Ends With Operators in Flow

In this post we will see how to use Not Contains (Does Not Contain)  function or operator in Salesforce Flows. Also, we will see a Workaround to use Not Starts With and Not Ends With operators in Salesforce Flows. All these operators are not available directly in Flow Elements but we can use Custom Condition Logic in Flows to implement these. We will go through an efficient "Does not Contain" workaround  by using  Custom Condition Logic in Salesforce Flows. If you work on Flows in Salesforce, you might have come across scenarios where you need to put/use condition logics to filter data like : checking if a particular field contains some particular text or if value of field starts or ends with a particular text or number. These are useful and powerful operators while working on Flows in Salesforce and are available to apply in Flow Elements directly.  But what if you wanted to check the opposite of it? Somebody messaged me directly to get answer to this so I thought maybe I

Salesforce Summer 21 Release Preview | Latest Flow Features

Salesforce Summer '21 Release is here soon. Let's see some of the Latest and New Flow Features and Enhancements in Summer 21 Salesforce Release. This post is to give you an idea about the New Flow Features in Salesforce Summer 21 Release.

Flows | Loop on Checkbox Group Values in Flow using Apex Action

Salesforce Flow Get Values from Checkbox Group. In this post we will see how to Parse and use the values from a Multi Select Checkbox Group on a Screen Flow. Salesforce Flow Multi Select Checkbox can used for many use cases. We will use a Record Choice Set to show Multiple Checkboxes on Flow Screen and display Record values as choices or checkboxes. After that we will explore a way to use the selected values from the Record Choice Set to perform actions like Looping over the Checkbox Group values.  Let's see how to use the Salesforce Flow Checkbox Group Output effectively. 

Flows | Parse Multi Select Picklist Values in a Flow with an Apex Action

In this post we will see how to Parse the  Multi-Select Picklist  Values in a Flow . Parsing the Multi-Select Picklist Selected values in a Flow is required where we need to use Selected Multi Select Picklist values later inside the Flow for Loop and various use cases like as a Collection variable t o Loop on them. We will Assign the Multi Select Picklist Values to a Collection Variable. We will also see Salesforce Flow Loop through Multi Select Picklist in this article. Best part is that you just need to download an Apex Action to use this Feature .

Flow Bulkification | Mass Update Records from Flows in Salesforce

Update Multiple Records in Flow Salesforce . In this post we will talk about ways to Bulkify Flows to Update Multiple Records   .This is also known as Flow Bulk Update or Bulk Update / Mass Update of Records using Flows . Concept of Salesforce Flow Update using Record Collection Variable will be explored in this post. We will also see how to use Salesforce Flow Loop Update Records feature. Also, we'll talk about some Flow Loops Best Practises. 


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