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Flow Basics | Bulkify Flows to Insert/Create Multiple Records

In this post, I will be showing how to Bulk Insert Records using a Flow in Salesforce. We will Bulkify Flow to create Multiple records of an object at once instead of creating them one by one inside a Loop. 

Salesforce Flows | Run Flow from URL and Set Flow Input variable values using URL

In this post I will discuss about how to run or fire Flows in Salesforce from URL. We will see how to pass and set Input variable values of a Flow using URL. Also, we will get an idea about how to fire a Flow from a Custom Button, Web Tab and even from a Formula Field. Yes, that's right a Formula Field.

Flows | Use Hierarchy Custom Setting in a Lightning Flow

In this blog, I am going to show how to use Hierarchy Custom Setting in a Flow. We will see how to avoid Hard Coding values in a Flow which frequently change. Also, we will see how to maintain different values for a same parameter for different profiles/users using custom settings.

Salesforce Flow Examples : Flow Use Cases and Scenarios

In this article, I am summarising different Flow types in Salesforce and Examples of Salesforce Flows. This post has links to all my Salesforce Flow Examples and Salesforce Flow Tutorials. These Flow Examples Salesforce include Flow Builder Examples of Auto Launched Flows, Salesforce Record Triggered Flows (Before Save Flows, After Save Flows, Before Delete Flows), Scheduled Flows and Screen Flows. These Salesforce Flow Examples should be helpful to Learn Salesforce Flows and explore some practical Flow Use Cases . All Salesforce Flow Tutorial Posts include Flow Tutorial Videos and Flow Creation Steps in detail. 

Flows | Use Loops to De-Duplicate collection variables in Flow

In this article, I am going to show how to remove duplicates or common values from collection variables in Salesforce Flows using Loops.

Flows | Remove Duplicates from Collection Variables in a Flow

In this article, I am going to show how can we remove duplicate records from collection variables or de-duplicate collection variables in Salesforce Flows.This is a pure declarative approach as now we have some Apex Actions also available.

Flows: How to use Flows for List View Records

In this blog I am going to show how to use and call Salesforce Flows from list views. We will see how can we pass Selected records from a List View into a Flow in order to perform actions on multiple records like Mass Update,Mass Delete or Insert etc.


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