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Incoming Email's Language detection- Automate your case assignment based on Language- Salesforce Email Services

My First Attempt at Blogging! This is my first attempt to write a blog, which you will probably figure out by the end, but I wanted to start by sharing an interesting and a useful use-case which was implemented for a big Airline company who were using Salesforce service cloud for their customer support. This is a very general requirement for customer support teams using Salesforce Email to Case feature. Who may require this? Organisations using Salesforce Service cloud or Case management feature to manage their customer support and having customers from around the globe in different geographical regions (with different native languages). For such a business,the customers can send emails to support email Ids in different languages and the emails are converted into Salesforce cases (Email to case). Why is it needed? Imagine multiple support teams in Salesforce org for customer support which are divided into different queues on the basis of their language skills like Englis


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