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Winter '21 | Before Delete Flow - Hands-on

In this article we will see the capability of Before Delete Record-Triggered Flows. Before Delete Flow is the latest addition to the Record Triggered Flow capability and is introduced recently in Salesforce  Winter '21 release . 

Salesforce Winter '21 Release Preview | Latest Flow Features

Winter '21 is coming. Let's see what to expect in terms of new  Flow Features and Enhancements in Winter '21 Release.   This is just a  Winter '21 Flow Features Preview.

Salesforce Flows | Consider Implementing a Kill Switch Design for Flow (On/Off Switch)

In this post we will see why we should consider to create a Kill Switch or an On/Off Switch for Salesforce Flows. Also, we will see one of the potential (many) ways to create this Kill Switch or On/Off Switch for Flows .This can be useful specially for Record Triggered Flows(After Save, Before Save and Before Delete Flows ). 

Flows | Show Animations in Flow Screen using GIFs

In this Post, we will see how to show Animations in  Salesforce  Flow using Flow Screen. We will show animations using GIF files in a Screen Flow.

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