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Flow Bulkification | Mass Update Records from Flows in Salesforce

Update Multiple Records in Flow Salesforce . In this post we will talk about ways to Bulkify Flows to Update Multiple Records   .This is also known as Flow Bulk Update or Bulk Update / Mass Update of Records using Flows . Concept of Salesforce Flow Update using Record Collection Variable will be explored in this post. We will also see how to use Salesforce Flow Loop Update Records feature. Also, we'll talk about some Flow Loops Best Practises. 

Flows | Display Clickable Image with URL Link on Screen Flows

Navigate to an URL by clicking an Image in Salesforce Screen Flows. In this post we will see how to add and Display Image on a Salesforce Flow Screen. Also, we will make the Image in Screen Flow Clickable to navigate to a web page or a URL link. We will be first adding  Image on a Salesforce Flow Screen and then embed a Link url to it. This will make the Flow Image Clickable to navigate to any URL.  We will achieve this clickable image on the Flow Screen without writing any code or adding any Lightning Component.

Spring '21 Flows | Is Changed in Record Triggered Flows using Prior Value

Is changed in Flows Salesforce and Prior Value in Flows :  Spring' 21 Salesforce Release has introduced a new and exciting Flow feature which is Record   Prior Value variable in Record Triggered Flows. This basically means that now we can see and use the Old Values (old field values) of the Record that fired the Flow and Compare old and new values of record in Record Triggered Flows . Salesforce Flow Prior Value feature can be used for many use cases and scenarios which were previously only possible using an Apex Trigger. In this post we will see the  use of  Prior/Old Record Value variable using an After Update Record Triggered Flow . We will implement  Is Changed   in After Update Record Triggered Flow .

Salesforce Flow Loop Basics | Clone or Share Files using Flows

How to Copy a File from one object to another using Flows in Salesforce? How to copy a File Link from one Record to another in Salesforce Flow? In this article we see how to use Loops in a Flow and how to use Assignment Elements in a Flow through this Use Case -  Share or Copy a File from one Record/Object to another in Salesforce . Basically, we will see how to Share a specific File with Multiple Records which also includes a way to Copy a File from One Object to Another in Salesforce .There are many ways to achieve this (like using Apex etc.), but we will do File Sharing / Cloning  using Flows . In this article, I will use an After Update Record Triggered Flow  to show this use case.

Salesforce Spring '21 Release Preview | Latest Flow Features

Salesforce Spring '21 release is around the corner. Let's see some of the New and Latest Flow Features to be included in Salesforce Spring '21 release to get ourselves excited. This article covers Top Flow Features in Salesforce Spring'21 Release from Spring'21 Release Notes. This is a complete  Spring '21 Flow Features and Enhancements Preview and Teaser . We will check some of the new and latest Flow Builder capabilities expected and included in Spring 21 Salesforce Release . 


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