Flows | Show Animations in Flow Screen using GIFs

In this Post, we will see how to show Animations in Salesforce Flow using Flow Screen. We will show animations using GIF files in a Screen Flow.

Show Animations in Salesforce Flow Screen

Use Case : Have Fun with Flows! (And make Screens more visually appealing for serious and practical Use Cases)

Pre-requisites: A GIF file (A funny one is considered best and works well with Flows).

Steps :

1. Create a new Screen Flow

2. Add a Screen Flow Element in Flow and select Display Text Screen Component

3. Use the add Inline Image Button option in the Rich Text Area Component to upload the GIF file from the system.

4. Optionally, if this Screen is not going to be used for any Navigation, you can uncheck the Show Footer option using Screen Properties setting so that you won't see any buttons below the screen.

5. Save and Activate the Flow.

6. Add the Page on Home Screen, Records Pages or anywhere. (May not work on Public Community Pages).

Do Note: This is a very simple and light-hearted example to show how to use Animations in Flows. But in real world and practical scenarios it can be easily used to make Screen Flow's User Interface more Interactive and Visually Appealing. You can add GIFs/Animations along with other screen Components, fields and can have different use cases to utilise this feature. One Good Use case can be to show users custom Animated messages on Flow Screens or logos or anything that needs to be highlighted. Rest is up to one's creativity.

Considerations: There will obviously be size considerations but GIFs should not be much heavy anyways. Do comment if you are aware of these limitations, I didn't test with large size GIFs. Also, please ensure this works after deployment from one org to another (Sandbox-Prod). 

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback if there is something we need to consider before using this or if there are any impacts of this.

Below is a Demo of the same on My Home Screen of Dev Org!

For more Serious Flow Use Cases, checkout this link : https://www.accidentalcodersf.com/search/label/Salesforce%20Flow

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  1. I have used this before, but the issue I had when pasting an image in Sandbox then using a change set to Production the image link was still in Sandbox.

    The best way I've gotten this to work is doing this edit directly in production

    1. Yes I faced the same Issue, and same reason why I mentioned in the post in considerations.

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