#Journey2Salesforce : Get your First Salesforce Job

Looking to start a career in Salesforce or want to land you first Salesforce Job? Want to know how to study and where to apply to get your first Salesforce Opportunity? Or are you looking to get back into Salesforce Ecosystem after a break? Or maybe you are wondering how to Switch to Salesforce?

If these are the questions in your mind then be ready to find the answer here.

Journey to Salesforce

Well, to begin with, Salesforce is the Number 1 CRM in the world so it's no surprise that you might be looking to be a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Well the next thing to know is how. This article might help you to get that answer.

Why to be Excited?

According to IDC, 1.9 million direct and indirect jobs will be created in the Salesforce Ecosystem in India by 2024. 

Salesforce Developer Relations have started this awesome programme named Journey2Salesforce, which is an all in one package to get yourself trained, connect with community and land a your first job in Salesforce.

What is Journey2Salesforce Programme

#Journey2Salesforce is career development program run by Salesforce. It helps individuals to start in Salesforce ecosystem by training them and helping them learn from scratch about Salesforce and then connecting them to organisations which are looking to hire Salesforce professionals. It's a great way to be a part of ever so supportive Salesforce Community and learn and have fun along the way.
Journey To Salesforce

Salient Points of Journey 2 Salesforce Programme

  1. Learning Journey for non-Salesforce professionals in India to get skilled and start their career as a Salesforce Developer.
  2. Online and free.
  3. Has no deadlines - evergreen, can join anytime, can finish anytime - on average it takes 1-2 months to complete if you spend an hour everyday.
  4. Includes mentorship from the Trailblazer community - Salesforce MVPs, Experienced Professionals.
  5. Leverages Trailhead - our free, self-learning platform. Consists of four trailmixes.
  6. Content and syllabus have been curated using feedback from employers and partners.

How does one join?

3 Steps Process (Register, Learn & Connect)

You can learn more about Salesforce Developer Jobs in India and Careers at https://trailhead.salesforce.com/india/career-path/developer

#Journey2Salesforce is a great way to start your career in the Salesforce ecosystem in India

Things to Note Before You Apply

  1. This program is limited to legal residents of India
  2. This program is not for students
  3. This program is not for those already working in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Some Added Benefits 

  1. Everyone who is eligible and completes the program will be connected to employers
  2. A chance to win a Salesforce certification voucher worth $200 on completion
  3. Those who finish Trailmix 1 will get a Salesforce Bottle and those who finish Trailmixes 1-3 will have a t-shirt shipped to them
What are you Waiting For?

Don't wait further and check out this Salesforce Developer Training here to get started.

Best of Luck ! Start your journey with Salesforce now!

Feel free to reach out to me in case of any questions related to starting your journey with Salesforce here or on my LinkedIn page..

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